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If your firearm is not listed or it is customized or modified, please call or email Viper Holsters to discuss. Firearms NOT LISTED, may be identical to one that is listed under another brand name. Viper will purchase any Blue (model) gun to complete an order if there is one available so again do not assume that if your firearm is not listed we can't make your holster.
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This Pocket Holster like all our others is Kydex but it is formed with the gun protrusion on the inside so that the outside is relatively smooth. This eliminates printing and cradles the gun so that it remains vertical and easy to access. We all know how pocket guns can find their way into the most obtuse positions that require two hands and obscene contortions to get it out. Most times it is never in a shootable position but for some reason everybody thinks that's OK. IT IS NOT OK. Paper clips lint and pocket crap add to the problem and can often render a firearm inoperable. Get a holster guys, or call a time out when you have to draw.

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Our Promise

Viper is a custom shop and will accommodate any request we feel is possible and safe. This includes vehicular, ATV, UTV, Marine and SMGs.

Viper will purchase any blue gun that is available, in order to fullfill an order, at no cost to the customer.

For those handguns for which a Blue Gun does not exist, Viper can construct a holster using the customer's handgun if it can be made available. On orders of this nature Viper guarantees a 72 hour turnaround unless there are extenuating circumstances, complications or extreme custom work that require more time. Viper also has access to gun shops that may have your model gun. If we can find your model in a local shop this provides an alternative to transporting or shipping your handgun to our shop.

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