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The Hybrid

The Hybrid
The Hybrid
The Hybrid
The Hybrid
The Hybrid
The Hybrid
The Hybrid
The Hybrid
The Hybrid
The Hybrid
The Hybrid
The Hybrid
The Hybrid
The Hybrid
The Hybrid

This is the absolute perfect IWB for many of the pocket guns as well as the compact and sub-compact sized handguns. The Hybrid adds the least amount of bulk, weight and girth to the handgun but it still has a lamination of lightweight vegetable tanned premium leather to shield you from the Kydex and the handgun. Kydex coverage extends fully from the muzzle to the rear of the slide to minimize wear from the gun or the controls, to the leather and to you. The mouth of the holster is slightly belled to facilitate a more intuitive re-holster.

These models were developed with great input from female shooters in particular TacTissy and they are enthusiastically endorsed by the Girlz N Guns organization

The Hybrid can accommodate larger handguns if your physical frame size can hide them.

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Item Options

Carry Position
INSIDE THE WAISTBAND HOLSTERS will perform better if you let us know where you intend to position the holster. We can then build the holster with the proper "cant" or orientation for that position. Directly forward is 12 o:clock, your right side is 3 o:clock, your left side is 9 o:clock. For a right handed person: If you carry in the front, also referred to as the appendix position, that would be at 1 or 2 o:clock. On your hip would be 3 o:clock. Behind your hip would be 4 or 5 o:clock. For a left handed person: In the front would be 10 or 11 o:clock. On your hip would be 9 o:clock. Behind your hip would be 8 to 7 o:clock.
Modifications and Accessories
Please let us know if your handgun has any accessories or modifications. any of these items may affect the fit and performance of the holster.
Ambidextros Safety
Extended Slide release
Reflex Sight
Suppressor height Sights

Firearm Options

Side (Left / Right)
Choose your clip
Dual waist band clips are designed primarily for women who do not wear belts. They perform best with smaller firearms. Pants or skirts must have the structure to support the weight of the firearm. Loose elastic or thinly constructed pants will not support a firearm. Belt clips will support and stabilize heavier firearms. Tuckable J clips support the weight of the firearm on the waistband of the pants. Tuckable belt clips support the weight of the firearm on the belt which is preferable with heavier firearms.
Select a Firearm
If your firearm is not listed or it is customized or modified, please call or email Viper Holsters to discuss. Firearms NOT LISTED, may be identical to one that is listed under another brand name. Viper will purchase any Blue (model) gun to complete an order if there is one available so again do not assume that if your firearm is not listed we can't make your holster.
Select Kydex Color
Select Light or Laser
Level ll Retention - (Thumb Break Strap)
Thumb Break Soft strap to comply with LEO requirement NOT necessary or advised for civilian use
Please add level ll retention ($20.00)
Phone: 610-593-3053
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