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This holster was designed in conjunction with instructors at the Special Forces Advanced Urban Combat School (SFAUC). Viper was asked to evaluate the battle belt platform and identified certain instabilities in the battle/war belt platform. Viper crafted the Tac 1 specifically to overcome these weaknesses and provide rock solid sidearm transport. The Viper chassis drops and offsets the sidearm, provides clearance and cant for quick deployment and allows lower presentation ability when necessary. The separate chassis component allows us to tune the position of the sidearm specifically to the style of the operator. All this is accomplished while stabilizing a leveraged accessory and dropping it comfortably below the tactical harness/vest or body armor carrier. Although the chassis appears to be one piece, it is actually two layers of Kydex in different thicknesses in order to provide much greater rigidity and strength than a one piece unit. The RTG Tac 1 eliminates the shortcomings of the popular thigh rigs that have seen much service with elite groups. After rigorous testing and active duty service in and out of country, we have arrived at an optimum configuration that was designed for universal application with the battle/war belt platform, rigor's belts or robust gun/duty belts that are the cornerstone of cutting edge suspension. There isn't any other holster like this in the world period. This is a superior service style holster on the leading edge of personal sidearm transport and can incorporate full muzzle capture or open muzzle as required for suppressors. Again, for LEO or military use, please see the HD Professional model constructed in .125 Kydex. The Tac 1 is wicked fast and much more comfortable than a thigh rig. When we did motion studies on the thigh rigs it was a no brainer to develop a rig that dropped the handgun but eliminated the constantly reversing inertial force that comes with mounting a handgun on the thigh. Thigh rigs are great if you don't have to move. The RTG Tac 1 is so fast it has become the platform for our Evolution Competition line of wicked fast game holsters. It can also be had with Level 2 retention for those departments or competitors that require it.

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With the Pro Upgrade option, the holster shell is made of the thickest Kydex made for this application, .125 thickness instead of .080. PLEASE NOTE THAT THE HD PRO IS ONLY AVAILABLE IN COYOTE BROWN OR BLACK AS THESE ARE THE ONLY CLORS AVAILBLE IN .125 THICKNESS. This is a prefered upgrade for anyone engaged in professional level training and activities.
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